Things will be different when we reopen the salon. We will have to wear full ppe, we have a hand sanitizer station set up for staff and clients and our clients will be provided with a mask to wear for their appointment. They won’t be able to hang coats on a rail, instead you will be given a tray to put all your belongings in and put on a seat next to you. You will then use our sanitizer machine, followed by a mask.

At the stations there will be no one sitting either side of you. We can then sterilise the tray along with all brushes, combs, scissors and surrounding area after each client. The towels and gowns will be washed at a high temperature after every client also.


We also ask that you come alone to the salon whenever possible ( unless your child is booked in for an appointment) and if this is not possible then due to social distancing children must stay by your side at all times. We need to keep everyone safe at all times.

We also cannot work like before as clients will be spaced out, so we can’t squeeze clients in like we constantly did previously.
Because of this we have had no choice but to increase our prices slightly to cover all our new measures.
Hope everyone understands that due to high PPE costs and massive stock price increases i have had no choice. It will however make the salon a safe environment to come too for all our clients when returning for your much needed hair appointment.

see you all soon

Michelle and the girls x